Selected Alumni

William R. Hazlewood is PhD Candidate and acting lab manager for ETHOS. William is interested in information sources that are highly non-invasive, and “easy to ignore.” His responsibilities in the lab involve technology support, and management of all projects taking place within the lab.
Tonya Thompson Stroman is a PhD student in the School of Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington. Her research interests include Human Computer Interaction, Complex Systems and Security. Specifically, she is interested in affective computing in Smart Homes. She has always been fascinated with space travel and is particularly interested in the habitability of spacecraft and habitats.

Tonya is a NASA graduate student research program fellow (2008 to present). She interns each summer with the Distributed Team Performance Lab in the Human-Systems Integration division at Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. She also spends time training with the PsychoPhysiology Lab at Ames.

Mary Boutain
Daniel O. Kutz is a doctoral student at the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University, Bloomington. His research interests are in human-computer interaction and social informatics. Specifically he is interested in understanding how values are inscribed into information systems and how this mediates the interaction.
John F. Duncan is a PhD Candidate in the Computer Science department of the School of Informatics, studying under Jean Camp. His research interests include exploring security and privacy issues at all stages of life. His research includes explorations of the mechanisms underlying social networking and their application to group security and projects such as the Portal Monitor, an example of Privacy-Aware security design. headshot
Zachary Schall-Zimmerman is an Undergraduate Researcher and the acting lab manager at ETHOS. He is graduating in Spring 2009 with a B.S. in Informatics and minors in Security and Japanese. Zach’s academic interests include ambient physical interfaces, risk communication, and trustworthiness rating systems.
Gordon Johnson is is an Undergraduate Researcher for ETHOS. He will be graduating in Spring 2010 with a B.S in Informatics, and minors in Security, Computer Science, and IT. Gordon is interested in network security and hardware modifications.