The Living Lab, built in a historic home near the center of the Indiana University-Bloomington campus, is equipped to facilitate prototype development, implementation of prototypes into a living space, and research with individuals and groups. The house also has spaces for interviews and focus groups. Here is a fuller description of the facilities:

The Lab
The house at 611 N . Woodlawn is handicapped-accessible with broad steps and handrails. The Living Lab itself is set up on the first floor as a one-bedroom apartment, with a living room, a working kitchen, a handicapped-accessible bathroom, and bedroom. Other rooms in the house include a sunroom, a main meeting room, and working spaces upstairs for students (not handicapped-accessible).


The Living Lab has its own dedicated wired and wireless network connected through Indiana University’s high speed network. We also have a dedicated server for secure data storage.


High quality cameras from Axis Communications placed are placed in each room in the Living Lab to capture video and audio. We also have audio and video analysis tools available.

Meeting Place

The meeting room in the Living Lab is equipped with a several tables and chairs, white boards for sketching and brainstorming, and a large monitor with wireless keyboard and mouse for meetings. The room is also set up with an Axis video camera.

Working Tools

The Living Lab has six workstations (Macintosh, Windows, and Linux) for student and faculty use. The lab is also well stocked with powerful prototyping hardware (along with sensors and the like) such as Phidgets and Arduino. We also have a licensed copy of NVivo for qualitative data analysis and digital voice recorders.

If you would like, please feel free to take a look at our photo gallery!