October Updates


1 October 2008

Further work is being done on experimenting with developing for the Wii. The focus will be in the “Twilight Hack” and in using ActionScript 3.0 for game development. All the resources to do this have been acquired.

A matrix was made based on types of games and the motivations for game play as illustrated in The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford. This will assist in creating scenarios to be presented as part of our focus group.

Our target age group has been reverted back to 65+ years of age. Articles and literary review continues to be a focus.

8 October 2008

Claire continues to work on being able to put a game on the Wii using various methods to see which will work best for this project. Dan and Katie have been working on the focus group questions and scenarios to better understand expectations, understandings and motivations for game play with seniors.

15 October 2008

A specific study done by Schetter and Vandenabeele in Belgium on Meaningful Play in Elderly Life was looked at in depth by all team members. We are going now working to re-create this study with American seniors by using cultural probe packets. In the coming week, participants will be gathered and we will design the specifics of conducing the study.

22 October 2008

All participants have been selected and the materials for the packets purchased. Packets will go out to participants this weekend and collected the following weekend.

29 October 2008

Claire has continued to work on exploring the options for getting our game onto the Wii and researching. Katie and Dan have started the cultural probe packet study and are collaborating on the interview process which will occur once the packets are picked up. Secondary research is still a focus for everyone.