Using the Wii and Social Networking to Promote Cognitive, Physical, and Social Engagement among Seniors

The Nintendo Wii is being integrated into many nursing homes and elderly care facilities around the nation in order to engage seniors cognitively, physically, and socially. This project builds on the cognitive, physical and social engagement for seniors by developing a game for the Wii. The games main purpose is to use activities such as number games, word puzzles, reading exercises, attention tasks, and memory tasks to cognitively stimulate players. Results from these games are monitored to track cognitive decline in older adults and to stimulate cognitive activity as a way of exercising the brain. The project will also focus on studying how social networking integrated into the game affects the user acceptance.

Project updates on our work can be found below.

Undergraduate researchers: Katie O’Donnell, Claire Alvis
Graduate reseachers: Dan Kutz

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