MSP Initiative


Using the Intel Mobile Sensing Platform to help seniors become more physically fit.

The Intel Mobile Sensing Platform is a small device that when worn can sense the activity of the wearer. It does this by using the input from several different sensors such as an accelorometer, barometer, microphone, light sensor, etc. When worn the MSP can decect such activites as walking, running, riding an elevator, watching TV, cooking, etc. By coupling the MSP with a cell phone we could add GPS functionality (where available), as well as connectivity to the internet.

Currently this project is exploring different ways in which the MSP can be used to help seniors become more physically fit. Some ideas that have been generated thus far include:

  • location based aware activities
  • location based activity tracking
  • activity tracking
  • competitive activity tracking
  • activity and location based goal oriented game
  • activity aware health information

The MSP Initiative will be studied using the Principles framework [PDF] developed by Eli Blevis and Martin A. Siegel. Structering the project around this framework will help to provide solid ethical designs for seniors.

Undergraduate research and design: John Wayne Hill