November Updates


5 November 2008

Claire is getting more into depth with how to load our game onto the Wii. Katie and Dan have collaborated on the findings from the cultural probes and post study interviews. Several common themes have appeared and these will be looked at in depth. We are in touch with another group who has worked with seniors and cognitive gaming.

12 November 2008

Claire has ruled out one of the game loading options and is now working on developing a calibration program to help determine a user’s reaction time, precision, range of motion, and other skills used in gaming. Katie and Dan are working on sketching out some more concrete game ideas. This will be prototyped and addressed in a focus group in the near future.

19 November 2008

Several sketches and rough prototypes of game ideas have been presented. We are continuing to work on a literature review and further developing our ideas. Creating a game which is not too child-like is our biggest hurdle right now.