February Updates


3 February 2009

Our focus has shifted towards the Wii Fit as a platform to work with, rather than just the Wii and Wii-mote as our gaming platform. A Wii Fit was demonstrated and a few safety and sensory issues were brought up with the current system. Claire is researching how the platform works and how the Wii Fit can be programed.

17 February 2009

A physical therapist was interviewed. She has worked specifically with our target age group and informed us that balance and reaching issues are the largest concerns for this cohort. She also discussed what was being done in Physical therapy now to address these issues and what types of tools the therapists lack. After the interview, our team further discussed new design ideas and directions.

24 February 2009

Dan, Katie and Professor Shankar went to the local retirement community to conduct some interviews and rapid ethnography on both therapeutic and recreational use of the Wii. This included current uses of the Wii, current issues with the tools available in therapeutic use, and issues with the Wii. After, a debriefing was done between the team to discuss further design ideas and directions.